Powerful ~ Elegant ~ Easy to Navigate ~ Reliable uses Caucus as its main software platform for its various operations, which include: virtual campuses, online planning and meeting space, and online conferences, workshops, seminars and courses. Caucus is a high-end, industrial-strength computer conferencing software package. Conferencing is a loose term that covers the whole realm of online, asynchronous communication that connects groups of people for various purposes. These purposes can include academic, business, research, collaboration, and meetings.

Computer conferencing is mainly asynchronous. This means that you do not need to be on line at the same time. The software enables groups to work together, or learn together, without the need for being present at the same time.

Caucus does include tools for same time (synchronous) communication, i.e. chat and whiteboard and instant messaging. These features are embedded in the Caucus software. All chats are recorded and available in the asynchronous computer conference, if needed.

Caucus is elegant and easy for the user to learn and navigate. Ease of use does not mean simple. There are a wide range of features available for the Caucus user. We are able to customize the environment to meet group needs and capabilities. Many of the features can be selectively made available as needed.

We have been using Caucus since its initial development in 1983. Initially the program was designed for the early internet, text-only environment, prior to the World Wide Web. The design focuses on the requirements for good conversation, professional development, collegial dialogue, and community building. Caucus is a excellent program for the development of communities of practice as well as any situation demanding many-to-many communication.

Over the past 15 years there has been a collaborative process between the software programmers and users, and it continues to evolve. A professional mix of experts in psychology, sociology, organizational development, training, learning, conference management, pedagogy, knowledge management, knowledge ecology, Cybernetics, systems thinking, group dynamics, have all contributed to the design and the evolution of the program. In many ways, this makes Caucus a unique example of collaborative development over an extended period of time.

Members of the team, have used Caucus for many years. When you engage you also tap into this reservoir of deep knowledge about learning, community, and group process online.


Our Equipment

The best for our customers uses super high quality HD cameras and equipment. With today's fast moving technology webconferences has stepped up and uses leading edge hardware and software to ensure your final product and live webcast is 110%!

Video on Demand

After your live webcast we provide your video in several formats and allow you to review the webcast with video on demand. We can also burn your video down to DVD for backup or for your own use.