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Our webcast productions are of the highest quality possible for the internet, done in High Definition with captioning and other features. When you need a team reliable of webcast experts to help make your event successful, we are here to help. All of our company partners and employees are experienced and capable of providing you with the best webcast service in the Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland area.


Video on Demand

As we broadcast your live webcast we save your HD video stream down to data files so we can provide video on demand at a later time. Many clients like to have their webcast or event captured on video and viewed later by their employees or any audience. We provide this HD video backup as your organizations requires and can store it on our servers so that you can stream and watch online from anywhere.



Webconferences.com uses Caucus as its main software platform for its various operations, which include: virtual campuses, online planning and meeting space, and online conferences, workshops, seminars and courses. Caucus is a high-end, industrial-strength computer conferencing software package. Conferencing is a loose term that covers the whole realm of online, asynchronous communication that connects groups of people for various purposes. These purposes can include academic, business, research, collaboration, and meetings. Read More


Communities of Practice

Webconferences.com offers a secure workspace for communities of practice. Each community of practice is custom designed to meet the needs of the specific group that requires a secure workspace area. The focus is on conversation, sharing of ideas and documents, collaboration, continuity, and good management. Read More


Creative Learning Environments

If you have a training or education need then let us help you meet that need. Our instructional designers have a suite of tools and techniques that can help you deliver the training or education programs your organization requires. Read More

Our Equipment

The best for our customers

Webconferences.com uses super high quality HD cameras and equipment. With today's fast moving technology webconferences has stepped up and uses leading edge hardware and software to ensure your final product and live webcast is 110%!

Video on Demand

After your live webcast we provide your video in several formats and allow you to review the webcast with video on demand. We can also burn your video down to DVD for backup or for your own use.