Communities of Practice

Share ideas in a secure online environment offers a secure workspace for communities of practice. Each community of practice is custom designed to meet the needs of the specific group that requires a secure workspace area. The focus is on conversation, sharing of ideas and documents, collaboration, continuity, and good management.

We use Caucus software to support communities of practice. The community of practice is a small group of people who work together on a common topic for a limited or open-ended period of time. The key is that everyone comes together with a common purpose and a real desire to share what they know with the community. We believe that simple, supportive environments that foster interaction and facilitate dialogue among members is the best way to build a community of practice.

Various levels of management and leadership are available using our system. User groups can have different levels of access depending on need and tasks. This enables a secure environment to share best practices and knowledge and information.





Our Equipment

The best for our customers uses super high quality HD cameras and equipment. With today's fast moving technology webconferences has stepped up and uses leading edge hardware and software to ensure your final product and live webcast is 110%!

Video on Demand

After your live webcast we provide your video in several formats and allow you to review the webcast with video on demand. We can also burn your video down to DVD for backup or for your own use.