Webconferences.com is a Sales Affiliate for Marratech Web-conferencing,
video conferencing, audio conferencing software.

Marratech conferencing software enables multiple participants from anywhere in the world to:

  • communicate via exceptional quality audio, video, and text
  • watch a live slide presentation with video of the presenter
  • share documents and applications in a whiteboard and
  • collaborate on the development of documents within a shared, distributed workspace
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All this through any computer connected to the internet with a broadband connection.

Marratech is the only 'real-time' cross-platform e-meeting solution to combine high quality 16kHz audio, H264 video and a powerful whiteboard with application sharing, within an encrypted (256bit AES) secure Internet environment.

With the ability to have instant training sessions and meetings from the desktop, this will enhance operational efficiency and increase the speed of decision making, as well as providing excellent on-line management and learning/training tool. Marratech will also provide cost savings on travel, associated staff downtime and expenses, etc, therefore ensuring a rapid ROI.

Webconferences.com have chosen Marratech over other platforms for a number of reasons:

1. the Marratech client software is a free download
2. cross platform (available on Windows PC, Macs and Linux)
3. superior audio in the application ( twice the quality of a regular phone)
4. include dial-in/dial-out phone and H.323 video teleconferencing participants in the webconference
5. video switches to speaker
6. fast.

We can support two kinds of hosted services:

1. small group meetings of less than 5 people, suitable for collaborative writing and coaching sessions.

2. large group meetings (unlimited number of participants) suitable for training and elearning sessions with a single presenter and Q&A interaction.

Or alternatively we are a sales affiliate of Marratech and can sell you the Marratech server software that will enable you to run your own systems.

To access these services please create and account and login in the box above or call +1 703 433 1269 or email marratech at webconferences.com for more information and a demonstration.





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